Voltage Regulators

AX3022 Switching Regulator Adapter, Step-Down:

  • Operating Temperature :-20℃ to +85℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
  • Max Output current: 1.5A
  • Voltage Input: DC 4V ~24V
  • Voltage output:2.5V~18V(less than voltage input)
  • Max power output:10W
  • Outline Dimension:25.4mm*25.4mm
  • Based on AX3022 DCDC Converter
  • Control the voltage output via EN pin
  • Conversion board is provided for easy connection
  • Protected by over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit features

These are made by Sure Electronics (Ebay listing). See here for detailed specs.
I actually bought these from Wright Hobbies.

MC34063 Voltage Adapter StepDown I/O:5~24/2.5-12VDC:

  • Output Current is no less than 500mA.
  • Output Ripple and Noise: Maximum RMS 100mV, @ 3V, 0.5A output.
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 24V.
  • Suggested Input Voltage: +5 ~+24V DC.
  • Output Adjustable Between: +2.5V ~+12V.
  • Operation Environment Temperature Range: 0~+55℃.
  • Storage Environment Temperature Range:-25~+85℃.
  • GND of the board should be connected to GND or the housing of your instrument.
  • Input voltage must be 2V or even higher than output voltage.
  • If the load is too heavy, the output voltage may be less than expected voltage.

These are made by Sure Electronics (Ebay listing).
I actually bought these from Wright Hobbies.

DealExtreme DC-DC Regulator:

  • Input: DC 4V-40V
  • Output: DC 1.5V-35V (adjustable)
  • Max output current: 3A

Got this from DealExtreme.

Black Wings (3.3v/5v Power Module Breadboard Adapter):

This breadboard power shield support Mini USB power supply and Power jack 7-12V supply. There are two independent power that 5V/3.3V optional. Tow power switchs on board can control each side voltage independent.
This is the supplier. Product notes.
Got this from dealextreme.

S7V7F5 Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator:

  • input voltage: 2.7 to 11.8 V
  • fixed 5V output with +5/-2% accuracy
  • typical continuous output current: 1 A when stepping down; 500 mA when stepping up
  • integrated over-temperature protection
  • small size: 0.35″ × 0.475″ × 0.1″ (9 × 12 × 3 mm)

Got this from Pololu.

L 4931 LDO regulator:

  • Low Dropout Voltage: 0.4 volt @ 600 μA typical
  • TO-92 Package
  • 5V Output Voltage
  • 6 – 20V Input
  • 250mA Output Current

Will work without the caps, may need that if circuit setup is noisy.

LM317 Linear Regulator:

  • Vi 10 to 40V
  • Vi must be at least 1.5v greater than Vo
  • 1.5A, output to 1.2V to 37V
  • Ci required when regulator is far from power supply filter
  • Co is not reqd. for stability, but improves transient response
  • Vo = 1.25(1 + R2/R1)
Lookup table for Vo values, given R1:
R1 = 240
680 4.79
750 5.16
820 5.52
910 5.99
1000 6.46
1100 6.98
1200 7.50
1300 8.02
1500 9.06
1600 9.58
1800 10.63
2000 11.67
2200 12.71

7805 5v fixed Voltage Regulator:

Typically 1A dissipation (in the T0220 form), with input voltage range 7-30V.

This shows the configuration for reverse bias protection (the diode between Vi and Vo) and output reverse polarity protection (the diode from Vo to ground).

Digital Multi-cell Lithium Battery Voltage LED Display:

  • Used for up to 4-Cell Li-Po Battery
  • Auto shift the voltage data one unit by one unit
  • Reverse polarity protection

Got this from Dx

11.1V Lipo Battery Alarm Buzzer:

  • Connect to the balance charger plug from the battery. BE CAREFUL about polarity when connecting
  • Indicates the voltage level of each cell in the pack. Yellow lights for charged cells, red lights blinking and buzzer for low cells.
  • Alarm for 11.1V Lipo Batteries
  • Can also use for 7.2V battery packs too.

Got this from Dx

USB DC 1~5V to DC 5V Voltage Step Up Boost Module:

Input voltage: 1~5V; Output voltage: 5V; Output current: 500mA

Got this from Dx

2596 Step-Down Constant Current Module - Blue (3A):

  • Input voltage: 4~40V input (limit in 40V)
  • Quiescent operating current: 5mA excluding voltmeter ammeter
  • Output voltage: 1.2~38V continuously adjustable (default output 5V)
  • Output current: Maximum 3A (add heat dissipation when beyond 2A)
  • Constant current range: 0.1~3A
  • Output power: = Output voltage x 3A for example: output 5V x 3A=15W 12V x 3V=36W 24 x 3A=72W
  • Operating temperature: -40'C~+85'C
  • Operating frequency: 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 95%
  • Over-current protection: Yes (constant current set-point)
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes (constant current set-point)
  • Input reverse polarity protection: No (if necessary, add diode into input)
  • Input anti-irrigation protection: No
  • Resistor identification: Tablet PC Ipad Iphone
  • Voltmeter minimum resolution: 0.05V / 0.05A (automatically switch the decimal point within 10V)

Got this from Dx

DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module LM2596 Power Supply Output 1.23V-30V:

  • Input voltage: 4V-35V
  • Output voltage: 1.23V-30V
  • Input current: 3A(maximum)
  • Conversion efficiency: 92%(highest)
  • Switching frequency: 150KHz
  • Output ripple: 30mA(maxmum)

Got this from this sellers ebay listing.