Gen1 Filter

This is a Sterilite file box (18x14x12", Model 1878, about USD 9), planning to mod this for use as a filter.
Using 3/4" PVC pipe as a sprayer bar. (There's 3 rows of 5/64" holes drilled along the length of the pipe, which the picture doesn't show very clearly). Also, the locking notch on the front of the file box is cut away to form a spillway.
These are the components making up this gravity filter. $Store bath sponges are unbunched to provide the filter media. Quilt batting material used for the prefilter. The notched plastic sheet is to form a space between the filter and the spillway.
Filter assembled with media. The notched plastic sheet is bowed and placed in position (with the notches at the bottom) to create a space behind the spillway. This arrangement forces the water to flow from the sprayer bar through the media, and then rise up again through the notches from the bottom, and finally overflowing from the spillway.
Media topped with a couple of layers of the 1/4" batting, to act as a fine pre-filter.
Filter placed on ledge. Using a 700gph submersible pump to circulate the water.
Connected the pump to the spray bar inlet using 3/4" ID black vinyl tubing. Turned it on to test the flow, and we have a nice little waterfall. Now we wait for the pond to cycle so we can add fish.....
Wainscotting panels being installed to cover up the outside.
The waterfall in action, a nice tapering ribbon cascade. And that flash of orange in the water is...
...Blobbergills! He was just transferred into the pond from his old 10g tank.
And that's the gang on the prowl. Fireworks the Sarasa comet in the lead, Blobbergills our (un)common goldfish, and Al-Azrak the blue American Shubunkin.
We started building a new filter/waterfall because the previous design was just too loud was keeping us up all night. While that big cascade did look spectacular, the large drop had a lot of energy to be dissipated and was creating huge ripples on the surface, through which we could hardly see the fish. That's a ledge built with 2x6's and 3/4"plywood held together with galvanized angles.
Found a broken plastic box in the trash, planning to use that for a liner. That's an Ikea Antonius drawer, btw.
Cut the box and folded the edges over the wood using a heat gun to soften the plastic.The liner is secured in place with a few screws. A few more galvanized angles were added at the top edge, to help hang the ledge from a corner of the pond.
Started gluing some rocks to build up a wier for the waterfall. The adhesive used was GE Silicone I 100% silicone Door and Window type, with no added mildewcides. We're pretty sure that's safe for the fauna from all we've read on aqua forums, even though the cartridge explicitly says "not safe for use on aquariums" (that's there for liability purposes, we assume)
More rocks being siliconed on. We picked through a pile of rough granite and chose flat rocks of different sizes.
This filter is from a Rubbermaid 28qt bin. The spray bar is 3/4" PVC, with 1/8" holes (about 200 of them) drilled radially along the bottom half of the pipe. The far end is capped, to allow access for cleaning the inside.
We secured the rock ledge, and seated the filter assembly in an overflow tray. The water exits the filter from a 1-1/4" pipe coming from the bottom of the filter, through the overflow tray and out onto the rocks. The water pools before cascading over the wier.
Covered up the filter with some artificial foliage for now. We're planning on putting in some real plants soon.
They love to swim through the falls as they cruise the pond.