RIHLA - Building the platform

Drive System:

The motors, drive train and wheels came from a donated Robomower RL500. Here are all the harvested mechanicals and electricals.

The motors and drivetrain gears were disassembled and inspected. The pinion gears on the motor shaft had significant wear (we'll have to keep an eye out for replacements for these).

Main structure. The motor, gears and driving wheels in one integral unit. Aluminium struts form the rest of the body and connect the trailing wheel. Note the gray plastic channels under the gears, for protecting them from debris an moisture. These were cut out from the original Robomower body, and incorporated into Rihla's chassis. The main cover (seen on the side) is made with wood and sheet aluminium.

With the main cover on. All exposed wood was given a coat of paint for protection. The free rolling trailing wheel came from the original Robomower as well, and is supported by a hardwood block drilled out to take the vertical shaft. A shaft collar added on top keeps the trailing wheel in place.

Ready for the first test!
The sterilite container on the top houses the electronics, which for now are just the Arduino Uno breadboarded with the motor controllers (VNH 5019s'), and a temporary power distribution strip. The router is mounted to the lid of the container, with the antenna poking through a hole on the top.
Haven't yet decided on the battery, so for now the unit still has an umbilical for power. Another sterilite box holds the AC power adaptors (a 20V/6.75A laptop power supply repurposed for the motors, and the Arduino and router power supplies).
And of course, a sweet colour scheme (applied using digital camo duck tape!)